About Plazmax®

Our company was established in 2011 under the name of CNC Engineering Solutions. We initially offered a service designing machinery and parts and manufacturing, using CNC milling machinery. Our business plan was always to eventually identify and manufacture our own branded product. Our criteria required that the product needed to include technical elements that would utilise and challenge our existing skill sets.

Through a set of circumstances we happened upon Plasma cutting and more particularly the design and manufacture of CNC profile cutting systems. After a period of research, we identified Hypertherm as a world leader in the design and manufacture of plasma cutting componentry. We purchased the then newly released PMX105 power source and built our first CNC plasma cutting system which is still producing product for its owners today.

From that point our learning process was rapid, as was the evolution of our designs.

We obtained OEM status from Hypertherm and sent our technicians to the USA for further training on Hypertherm products and processes. We rebranded ourselves as Plazmax® to better reflect our changed business and embarked on an accelerated period of prototyping.

Our designs exclusively use Hypertherm hardware and software products providing technologically advanced, fully integrated, cutting solutions for our customers.

As our business has grown we have been fortunate enough to attract some very clever and talented team members who have allowed us to lift our level of expertise to a very high standard and we now lead the way, embracing and implementing Hypertherm’s latest technologies.

Our goal at Plazmax®, is to continue to push the boundries with our design and manufacture of machines, that are safer, produce more product, to a higher standard whilst costing less to operate.

By continuing to strive for improvement in our design and manufacture and provide timely and reliable support, we can help our customers to be competitive and profitable, both now and in the future.