The Automotive Top 10

27 Nov 2017, 21:56

Here it is. The top ten reasons every automotive professional or hobbyist needs a plasma cutting system in their garage.

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New Technology Drives Growth At EMEX 2018

21 Nov 2017, 23:27

The growth trend within the engineering and manufacturing industries already visible at Emex 2016, sees EMEX 2018 set to be the biggest event in its 40 years history and Plazmax Ltd are proud to be exhibiting!!!

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Assessing Your Cutting Needs

21 Nov 2017, 21:50

The first step in evaluating your cutting needs is to have a clear understanding of your short-term and long-term business goals.

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7 Reasons Why Plasma Cutting Systems Are worth The Investment

20 Nov 2017, 01:39

When it comes to automotive repair and restoration plasma tools, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get the best value for my money?" Take a look inside a Powermax45® to find out!

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Handheld Cutting

17 Nov 2017, 01:07

Almost any industry that uses metal in their product or relies on heavy equipment uses handheld cutting. POWERMAX45 PLASMA SYSTEM, DURAMAX TORCHES

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