Laser Plate Height Sensing

Using a laser to measure torch to plate distance has several advantages over the traditional methods such as ohmic or touch sensing. These processes are done at lower speed meaning a single height sense can take up to 10 seconds. The laser method has a measurement time of approx. 0.25 seconds. Once referenced the torch can rapid at full speed to the pierce height and begin cutting. Total start time less than 2 seconds.

Laser Plate Edge Sensing

Automated plate edge recognition allows the machine to find the origin point of the plate and check the plate is square / adjust skew automatically. This means accurate processing of material every time with no risk of human error.

Remote Error Diagnostics

Plazmax recognises the need to achieve constant uptime and acknowledges downtime comes at huge cost to the machine owners. To minimise the effect of unscheduled production halting events, Plazmax has designed and implemented an advanced remote diagnostic system that is now standard on all machines. This allows our maintenance techs to log in and access all data from the many sensors on the machines, meaning a remote diagnostic and fix is often possible.

Our techs are available 24/7 for both remote support and will travel to site at any time should this be required.

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