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A wrap for EMEX 2018

Well what a show! EMEX 2018 has come to a close after an intense 3 days. Thanks to all that attended and visited the stand and saw what we have to offer. Thanks also to Syntech for working with us in providing the extraction for our CutAce - it was the perfect fume...

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We have made it to EMEX 2018!

With the 1st of May soon upon us, we have made it to EMEX - New Zealand's largest engineering and manufacturing exhibition. Held at the ASB Showgrounds in Epsom, Auckland, this show is packed full of the latest innovation and technology from...

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Know Your HyPerformance Products

HyPerformance plasma systems deliver HyDefinition cut quality at half the operating costs. By incorporating Hypertherms proven HyDefinition, longLife, and patented PowerPierce & TrueHole technologies, HyPerformance Plasma boosts overall performance,...

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SureCut Technology

SureCut Benefits: Automatically applies cutting process parameters which simplifies cutting and reduces operator intervention Easy set up improves job efficiency Provides access to Remote Help and troubleshooting which reduces downtime Works...

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Is Plasma a viable alternative to Laser?

Laser is renowned for delivering excellent fine feature and hole cutting thanks to its narrow kerf. Fiber laser also produces excellent cut angularity and can cut to very tight tolerances. However, Hypertherm’s invention of high definition class...

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Robotmaster Software cutting applications

Robotmaster at the core of your process Robot work cells are flexible cost effective solutions for cutting complex shapes on 2 or 3D surfaces using laser, plasma, water-jet, gas cutting, or compliant knife tooling, with high speed and precision,...

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Centricut Laser Consumables

Nozzles Hypertherm offer nozzles for all major CO2 and fiber laser cutting systems, and are continually updating their product offerings to provide the latest products and innovations. Hypertherm certified manufacturing quality Guaranteed OEM compatibility...

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XPR – Setup made easy

When talking about the XPR300™, many times the first thing we think about is the expanded cutting capabilities and cut quality the XPR has introduced to the plasma cutting industry. The XPR with its X-Definition™ cutting on mild steel, stainless...

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Metal Scrapping

Salvaging scrap metal from old appliances, industrial equipment, cars, and other items is an important part of the life-cycle of raw materials. It minimizes waste, maximizes the value of manufactured goods, and significantly reduces...

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Drawing With Fire

Not every plasma torch is used in a high-production metal fabrication shop. While that scenario might represent the bulk of plasma torch users, there are others working in small shops creating magnificent art and utilitarian pieces, including everything...

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Top 10 Plasma Arc cutting Mistakes To Avoid

1 Using consumables until they "blow" Look in your used parts bucket and you will probably see consumables that have been run to failure. Using severely worn consumables can not only ruin a good piece of metal, it can cause expensive torch failures and...

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The Automotive Top 10

Plasma can cut just about any metal and is especially well suited for cutting the thicknesses auto professionals and hobbyists encounter most from gauge up to an inch thick. This includes carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron—even if it’s...

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Assessing Your Cutting Needs

No one wants to make the mistake of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a critical piece of equipment that isn’t up to the job, or becomes outdated soon after purchase. Ideally, your cutting system will be able to keep up with a growing and changing...

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New Technology Drives Growth At EMEX 2018

NZ MANUFACTURING IS IN HIGH GROWTH MODE Demand now sees EMEX expand and further develop its reputation as the premier Technology event to showcase and see services relating to the manufacturing, engineering and electronics industries. The response from...

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