Bevel Head 60º

Bevel Cutting

Bevel Cutting is the process of cutting a part with an edge that is not perpendicular to the top of the piece. This is done to increase the surface area of the edge for a stronger more secure weld.

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How does it work?

The edges are descried throughout the industry by the English letter the cut most closely resembles when looking at a cross section. Common bevel types include V, A, X, Top Y, Bottom Y and K.

The head consists of 2 continuous axis working with the torch during the rotation of the A & C axis.  The torch supports turns on A axis and the intermediate support turns on C axis.


  • Bevelled edges are necessary for weld preparation and other final assembly methods.
  • Increased productivity demands combined with increased labour costs and a shortage of experienced operators are leading companies to adopt automated bevel technologies
  • Automated technologies promise improved accuracy and repetition for increased throughput
  • Setup time and scrap materials are greatly reduced for new job setup due to reduced trial and error.

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