Designers and Manufacturers of Automated Profile Cutting Systems

With Plazmax® revolutionary plasma cutting systems, achieving improved cut quality, reducing operating costs, increasing production, reducing labour costs and above all, increasing competitiveness are some of the benefits our customers enjoy. Plazmax® CNC plasma cutting machines make for quick, clean cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium across various thicknesses and material grades.

Mark Jarmey
Best Insulation

"Increased productivity, reduced production costs and the support of a NZ manufacturer."

Steve Cox
Taslo Engineering

"Has transformed our plate cutting ability. A quality built product with great back up service."

Warren Hellier
SFP Limited

"Advanced technology, more robust construction and better value for money than a comparative imported product with the added bonus of local support."

Les Maynard
Eastbay Engineering

"Totally underestimated the capability of this machine. Glad to have gone with a NZ manufacturer with their backup support being a key factor in overall performance"

Dan Munro
Enterprize Steel

"A major retrofit of our old machine significantly increased our production, allowing us to bring a further 160 tonnes of profile cutting back in house"